How to Regrow Hair Naturally

how to regrow hair naturally

Unexplained hair loss can be really scary and bothersome for just about anyone out there. Not to forget the fact that dealing with this miserable fact of life can prove to be a real nightmare in this image conscious world. Unlike the past, hair loss is no longer a domain of aging men. Stress, poor eating habits, deteriorating environment, growing medical ailments and several other lifestyle related issues have left most part of the younger generation with no choice but to face the stigma of hair loss. The question may be asked, How to regrow hair naturally?  Fortunately, there are many ways by which one can regrow their hair naturally without spending an armload on high end cosmetic treatments.

How to regrow hair naturally?

To begin with, one should bring about a change in one’s eating habits. One should consume a balanced and nutritious diet for healthy hair and overall wellbeing. Experts reckon that 15% of one’s calorie intake for the day should come from proteins. Around 55 to 65% calorie should be consumed from carbohydrates and around 25% should come from fat sources. Maintaining good balance will supply our body with the much needed nutrients required to know how to regrow hair naturally.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E is a great nutrient that can prove to be instrumental in preventing hair loss. Moreover, it can also regrow hair in both men and women. One can take Vitamin E orally or apply it on one’s scalp. This will improve blood circulation, thereby ensuring fast regrowth of hair follicles. Vitamin E supplements can be easily obtained from a local drug store.


Several studies have highlighted the fact that stress can cause excessive hair loss. Mediation is a great way to keep stress at bay. It will help one relax and also improve one’s overall health in addition to fighting unwanted stress.


A gentle massage on one’s scalp can do wonders over here. It will improve blood flow on the scalp in addition to strengthening one’s hair and reducing stress levels.

Coconut Oil

Hair experts often recommend application of coconut oil on one’s scalp to regrow hair naturally. Coconut oil contains many vital fats, proteins and minerals that reduce hair loss and also strengthens hair follicles.


Regular training will not only keep one in shape, but will also help one combat hair loss. It unclogs hair follicles giving more space for new hair growth. Moreover, exercise improves blood flow to our scalp, thereby ensuring more oxygen supply to promote hair regrowth.

In conclusion, there is no exact science that guarantees best results on No single treatment can work for everyone out there. However, trying out these natural remedies can do the trick for loads of individuals suffering from excessive hair loss. Moreover, there are no side effects associated with these natural remedies. That being said, one is advised to consult their doctor before changing their diet plan because it can interfere with some medication in rare cases.


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